1. Where Is Adventureland Located?
    • Adventureland is located in level 1 above Marjane Hypermarket in morocco mall.
  2. How Do We Play In Adventureland?
    • All game machines and rides are equipped by an electronic game card called the ADVENTURE CARD. You would need to load the card with ride & game credits to enjoy the facilities in Adventureland.
  3. Is The Card Rechargeable?
    • Yes, the Adventureland card is rechargeable and re-usable. All credits and tickets in the card have at least one year validity from last activity.
  4. How Much Do The Rides Cost?
    • Ride prices range from 10 Dhs to 30 Dhs
  5. Do You Have A Height Requirement For Each Ride?
    • Our rides have specific height restrictions. For your children's safety, kindly make sure to read the ride instructions before you go on any game.
  6. Do You Have A Space For Birthday Parties?
    • We have two beautiful party halls that can accommodate up to 100 pax at a given time.
  7. Who Do I Talk To About School Tours?
    • You may call our sales department for inquiries and various school tour packages at +212 661 749 726.